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Misogynistic world

Misogynistic world

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Just being real. No matter what you think, sadly, this is the reality, the world is misogynistic, and this is exactly what I wanted my painting to say. It's a bold statement that invites conversation and allows us to reflect on the reality of today's world. My painting is a reminder of the impact misogyny can have on society.


Acrylic on cotton. 
Dimensions: 100 W x 120 H x 2 D cm
Year: 2023
Frame not included by default. Choose the correct variant if you want the painting to be framed
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This is a unique original artwork, hand-painted by me. 
This original painting was created with high-quality acrylic paints on linen stretched on a wooden bars, and varnished with a satin finish, which gives it a bit of shine without allowing any harsh glaring to occur. Every artwork is signed at the back.

Please be aware that colors may look different based on your screen.

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Framed paintings require an extra 1-2 weeks for preparation. During this time we can discuss about the specific wood and color of the frame based on your preference.

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